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We created Be! Boxes to make sure every young girl loves who she sees when she looks in the mirror each day 
Did You Know?

Self-esteem is a basic human need. Yet, 7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their physical appearance.

Each Be! Box contains a guided mindfulness exercise designed to increase self-esteem. 

Mindfulness trains the brain to quiet the thoughts that cause us to lose confidence and get anxious.

A girl’s self-esteem peaks when she is nine years old and then takes a nose dive.

Each Be! Box contains a crystal accessory. Crystals act as a power for healing. They allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body and do away with the negative, toxic energy. 

Once it surfaces, low self-esteem invades every thought, producing ongoing self-defeating behavior.

Each Be! Box contains other fun surprises designed to re-focus your teen/pre-teen’s energy, establish a regular pattern of mindfulness, encourage self-care and wellness, and above all else, have some fun!!

In a world where our CHILDREN are overwhelmed with technology, there is excitement, and opportunity, when they receive a REAL GIFT IN THE MAIL!

Wednesday Wisdom

Mirror Work - January 20, 2021​

The Mirror Maze Fun House was always my least favorite thing to do as a kid. Even as an adult, a quick glance in the mirror immediately leads to discomfort. We are always first to point out what's wrong with ourselves instead of what is right, or what is beautiful. Mirror work is designed to shift that thinking.


What is mirror work? Mirror work is a practice of looking at ourselves in the mirror and developing self-love and self-care. By simply looking into the mirror for a certain amount of time each day and gently talking to yourself, you can create a more compassionate and forgiving connection with yourself. Mirror work gives us the chance to work through insecurities and self-resentments.


Mirror work might be awkward at first because it exposes our inner critic in plain daylight. Suddenly everything we feel about ourselves that we might not be aware of comes to the surface. And if you haven’t developed a compassionate relationship with yourself, you might be prone to believing all the nastiness being whispered to you, by you. As magical or mystical as it may sound, using mirror work as a portal to your Soul is actually quite natural. It's like returning home to the truest, most whole, and wisest part of yourself.


Here is a starter list of mirror work ideas. Check back Friday for more and for a sneak peek at the way we are highlighting mirror work in the February Be! Box:


I am enough

I am exactly who I need to be in this moment

It’s okay for me to feel scared

It’s okay for me to feel sad

It’s okay for me to feel awkward

I love how unique my body is

I am beautiful

Everything is Temporary - January 15, 2021
Are your kids struggling? I know mine are. At different points this week, I have said to all three of my kids "this is temporary - it'll get better, and if it doesn't get better, we will get used to it."
Nothing good nor bad lasts forever. But it's so hard, especially as a kid. They are so focused on the immediate, they can't see ahead far enough to believe that things will get better.
Then I saw this quote and thought it was so relevant, especially today when the moon starts another cycle. "The moon teaches us it's normal to go through phases. The sun teaches us no matter how many times we go down, to keep rising."   
It seems that most of us are constantly fighting for things to be 100% secure and never-changing, but that’s not really how it works. Everything in life is temporary and ever-changing. Our very lives are temporary. Nothing is guaranteed. The challenge in life is learning to embrace, accept, and respect that fact, and to be confident that no matter what comes our way, it will be manageable and we will get through it.
Moon and Sun.jpg
Don't Believe Everything You Think - January 8, 2020

Don't believe everything you think. Sounds simple, yet complicated right? Our minds constantly process the world around us. Each day is a non-stop flurry of thoughts, questions, and observations. If all of these thoughts were good ones, non-stop thinking wouldn’t be an issue! But often times, thoughts lead us astray, bring us down, or stop our ability to do things that we really care about. For example: Fearful thoughts narrow our thinking and prevent us from taking action, anxious thoughts create unpleasant feelings about the future, and distracting thoughts pull attention away from things that matter most. 

You can’t always control when these thoughts come up, but you can develop strategies for responding to them in a way that doesn’t bring you down. Remember, your thoughts are not always true, so you don’t have to believe them. Most of the time, your thoughts are just a story you tell yourself to make sense of the world. It’s all based on your interpretation of the world around you. Not the actual truth. 

One minute you might be worried about school, and the next minute you’re laughing at the joke of a friend. Examples like this highlight how all thoughts, and the way they make you feel, are temporary. This fact gives you the power to avoid getting swept away by negative thoughts as they arise. The next time a negative thought occupies your mind, try to: 

  1. Observe what it is.

  2. Note it with gentle curiosity, giving it a one-word descriptor. (Along the lines of, “Oh, this is fear.”)

  3. Let it go. Resist the urge to hold on to the thought or feeling. In time, it will fade and you will be able to let it go.

All thoughts are temporary, and most of them aren’t true. Knowing this gives you the power to take control of how you respond to your thoughts as you go through life. It helps you let go of thoughts that bring you down, so you can live the life you want to live.

Dont Believe What You Think.jpg
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