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Be! Mindfulness and Meditation Exercises


Basics of Mindfulness

The Basics of Mindfulness track introduces you to the practice of being mindful. This audio will teach you how to refocus your thoughts, appreciate the present, and forget, even for a little while, about everything else.

Self-Love Exercise


Beginner Meditation

Start here if you have never meditated before, or if you have trouble when you try to meditate. This 5 minute audio will walk you through the basics and help you learn more about how to practice meditation.


The Self-Love track uses visualization to demonstrate how you can build self-love.
The Affirmations audio speaks affirmations and encourages you to feel into each one, and build your knowledge of knowing it to be true.

Intention Setting

This track allows you to focus on the goals and intentions you have set for yourself.

Be Present

This track allows you to focus on the now, be present and savor the moment.
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